Accessories for Extar EXP-556 pistols

If you are in the market for a 5.56 or AR-15 pistol, you are also in the market for accessories. What accessories are available for the Extar and similar firearms?

Just as when accessorizing your favorite rifle, pistol, or shotgun, finding the right add-ons for your 5.56 pistol presents a dizzying variety of items. We will examine some of those categories and items here.

First you must ask yourself “What is the intended purpose for my Extar EXP 556 pistol?”

Your next question should be “Under which conditions will I use my Extar?”

Additional questions which could arise are “Do I want the ability to shoot long distance?” or “will I need night time capability?”. Another question might be “What are my firepower needs?”.

If you want an all-around weapon which is useful for back country hiking and protection, home defense, target shooting, and concealment, you have a large order to fill. Let’s explore this “all around weapon” concept for a moment: How will carry your pistol? 5.56 pistols are not holster friendly, so that reduces our options to a sling or backpack- maybe both. The Extar EXP-556 can be equipped with a quick detach sling mount for a mere $15. Then you are off to find a backpack or sling that works for you.

What about sights? Are the issued sights workable for your eyes and your shooting conditions? If not, you might want to explore the various optical sights available. Since the U.S. military starting mounting red dot sights on M-16’s, the civilian world has exploded with various short range sights which can be mounted on a Picatinny rail. The Extar Tri- Rail Kit can be obtained for $49.99 and gives you flexibility in mounting up to 3 additional Picatinny rails on your pistol. Those rails can then be utilized to mount an optical sight, a flashlight, or any of a myriad of other items.

Extar’s SIG-TAC brace can come in handy when you wish for a more stable platform than just a one- handed grip.

Let’s address firepower for a moment. The Extar EXP-556 pistol has the ability to accept any AR-15 magazine. AR-15 magazines are available from many sources. You can find surplus versions made of metal with plastic followers, or you can turn to the products churned out by Magpul Industries. Magpul carries a broad assortment of magazines for the AR platform, from 10 round to 40, or even 60 round drums- all at a very reasonable price.

The Extar line carries other accessories as well, examples being the Folding Charge Handle, and the Tactimount EXP Mounting Body. Despite being a relatively new development in the 5.56 pistol realm, the Extar offers not only a great weapon, but accessories and the ability to accept useful accessories.