***As of April 15, 2021 we are no longer taking on new customers for transfer of firearms.***


We continue to support and serve our regular customers with their firearm transfers.


If you are a previous customer and desire to transfer your firearm through us, please email to authorize the transfer before shipment!



 A Guide To Firearm Transfers

  • There are a few things to know about federal and state law before initiating the transfer process:
  • Federal law requires that firearms shipped across state lines be received by a licensed dealer (FFL). A private individual cannot receive a firearm in interstate commerce (with few exceptions). That same individual is however, able to ship a firearm, but they must ship to an FFL, usually with prior clearance. All transfers must take place at our location or sanctioned event (gun show).
  • In order for us to receive a firearm from private senders, there must be a photo I.D. with current address in the shipment (our policy). Dealers must include their FFL copy and completed invoice.
  • Handguns may only be shipped via FedEx or UPS from private individuals. Handguns may be shipped via USPS by licensed dealers (FFL) ONLY.
  • Federal law requires that you fill out ATF Form 4473 and pass a criminal background check (NICS check) before possessing a rifle, receiver, frame, or shotgun. We will not begin a NICS or enhanced background check prior to the arrival of your firearm.
  • If your new weapon is a handgun or semi-auto rifle, as of July 1, 2019, WA state laws work an additional undue burden on you by requiring that you pass an enhanced background check, conducted by your local law enforcement agency, before taking possession of the handgun or semi- auto rifle. In order to possess a semi-auto rifle, you must also show proof of completion of a state approved training course. This process could take up to 10 business days. You can read more about this new law at the WA state AG FAQ page. WA Concealed Pistol Licenses (CPL) no longer enable same day transfer of handguns.
  • We need you to bring a valid government issued photo ID (usually your driver’s license), which shows your current address. If you do not have your current address on your ID, you will need to provide an additional government issued document with your current address shown.
  • WA state law requires that we collect sales tax on the value of all incoming goods (and associated shipping fees) received from a licensed dealer (FFL). Please ensure the seller includes tax info on their invoice. Firearms without a completed invoice cannot be checked in, delaying your transfer. The sales tax rate for our location is 10.0%. Reference WA state tax notice SN-14 for details.
  • We are pleased to offer shipping services to the FFL of your choice, whether in Washington or another state. Our fee is $45 plus actual shipping cost, as provided by UPS quote.
  • While we have published hours, we require that you schedule an appointment to ensure we are available to meet your needs.
  • If the FBI NICS or local LE Agency denies the transfer, the buyer has several choices:
    1) Arrange with the seller for the return of the firearm and pay us for return shipping.
    2) Consign the firearm with us.
    3) Arrange for us to store the firearm while you appeal the denial. If the buyer files the appeal within 30 days of the denial, no storage fees will accrue as we will not penalize buyers for delays forced upon us by the government. If the buyer does not file the appeal within 30 days we will charge a storage fee of $10 (ten dollars) per week to store the firearm. Once the storage fees have exceeded 50% of the firearm’s value we may opt to sell the firearm, deduct our storage fees, and return the remainder of the proceeds to the buyer.
  • Please do not bring your young children with you. We have very limited space and lots of shiny objects that often prove too tempting for little fingers.
  • *NEW as of July 1, 2019* Transfer Prices: Rifles, exc. Semi-auto/ Shotguns/ Receivers=$40 for each firearm. Handguns=$50 for each firearm. Semi-automatic rifles=$75 for each firearm. These fees do not apply when you purchase from us. These new increases are due to the complicated requirements of Initiative 1639