A Guide to Firearm Transfers

Link to our Federal Firearms License Copy click here

  • We are happy to receive your firearm for transfer into your possession. Most likely you will encounter the need for a transfer after you have purchased a firearm online, or locally from a friend or acquaintance. There are a few things to know about federal and state law before initiating the process.
  • Federal law requires that firearms shipped across state lines be received by a licensed dealer (FFL).  A private individual cannot receive a firearm in interstate commerce (with few exceptions). That same individual is however, able to ship a firearm, but they must ship to an FFL, usually with prior clearance. They must provide their name and current address with the shipment.
  • Handguns may only be shipped via FedEx or UPS from private individuals. Handguns may be shipped via USPS by licensed dealers (FFL) ONLY.
  • Federal law requires that you fill out ATF Form 4473 and pass a criminal background check (NICS check) before possessing a firearm.
  • If your new weapon is a handgun, WA state law requires that you either carry a current WA State Concealed Pistol License, or pass a background check, conducted by your local law enforcement agency, before taking possession of the handgun. This could take up to 10 business days.
  • We need you to bring a valid government issued photo ID (usually your drivers license), which shows your current address. If you do not have your current address on your ID, you will need to provide an additional government issued document with your current address shown, or change your address via the WA Dept. of Licensing website and bring evidence of that change.
  • WA state law requires that we collect sales tax on the value of all incoming goods (and associated shipping fees) received from a licensed dealer (FFL). The sales tax rate for our location is 10.0%. All transfers must take place at our location or sanctioned event (gun show).
  • We are pleased to offer shipping services to the FFL of your choice, whether in Washington or another state. Our fee is $25 plus actual shipping cost, as provided by Federal Express quote.
  • Finally, transfer fees vary by type of firearm: $30 for a long gun (rifle/ shotgun/ receiver) and $38 for a handgun. While we have published hours, we ask that you call before arrival to ensure we are available to meet your needs.