Socom M1A Mossy Oak NRA Edition

What is a SOCOM 16 M1A?

The SOCOM M1A was conceived to mirror the rifles issued to military members of the U.S. Special Operations Command, or SOCOM. Certainly, Springfield Armory uses the acronym for marketing purposes. Typically, in the Springfield Armory M1A world, a SOCOM 16 will have a medium weight 16” barrel, a muzzle brake, and the normal aperture sight rear and post front sight. Additionally, SOCOM’s feature the Picatinny rail optics mount forward of the receiver.

M1A Socom Review

How accurate is the M1A Socom?

The M1A SOCOM16 rifle is as accurate as can be expected from any semi-automatic battle rifle. It will typically outshoot the M1 Garand as well as other rifles like the Ruger Mini-14. The addition of a good optic sight or scope will increase your ability to hit at longer ranges.

Is the M1A a Good Sniper Rifle?

The M1A in military guise (M14) has a history of sniper use in combat. However, difficulties with action bedding and barrel stability, as well as scope mounting, make the M1A less than ideal for true sniper use.

M1A Accessories


The M1A as offered by Springfield Armory does not feature a suppressor. Unless we are referring to the flash suppressor installed on the Standard, Loaded, and Scout Squad models. These are more appropriately referred to as flash hiders.

Due to the 1934 NFA Act, true suppressors must be serialized and registered through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE). Therefore, suppressors are an aftermarket accessory which must be installed on an individual basis after purchase and approval.


Certain sub-models of the M1A rifle make mounting an optical sight such as a scope or red dot very simple. The Picatinny Rail available on the SOCOM 16 and Scout Squad variations mean that you merely need to clamp the sight onto the rail with the appropriate mount. Most red dot sights come equipped with mounting rings which clamp the sight directly onto the rail. Scopes will need to be of the extended eye relief (EER) type in order to present the correct sight picture.

Freedom RDS Black 180092



Scopes will need to be of the extended eye relief (EER) type in order to present the correct sight picture. With the included Picatinny Rail on the SOCOM16, a clunky Sadlak or other mount is unnecessary. The rail system gives you a solid, easily adaptable mount base for your choice of scope and rings.


The M1A rifle typically comes equipped with sling swivels mounted fore and aft to accommodate a wide variety of sling choices. A leather military type sling matches the M1A Standard and Loaded as well as National Match models. A synthetic sling might be better suited to the synthetic stocked rifle models such as the Kryptek Highlander or Mossy Oak and Flat Dark Earth SOCOM.


Muzzle brakes are often mistaken for suppressors or silencers. In fact, muzzle brakes make for an even louder report than a standard barrel with the typical M1A flash suppressor. The SOCOM 16 features a very effective muzzle brake which tames both recoil and muzzle climb.


Springfield Armory issues one 10 round magazine with the rifle. This allows the rifle to be sold in certain states with restrictions on magazine capacity. There are several after market magazines available in larger capacity’s such as 20 and 30 rounds. These magazines carry more rounds, but protrude from the rifle further, which may inhibit handling qualities.

Pro-Mag M1A or M14 Magazine- 20 Round Steel

Is the M1A a good Hunting Rifle?

The M1A can be utilized for hunting, and the .308 Winchester cartridge is powerful enough for deer, elk, bear, and moose. One caution, however- it could be that your state restricts the magazine capacity to 5 in semi-auto rifles. There are a number of 5 round magazines available for the M1A which would help you meet that requirement.

How much does an M1A Socom cost?

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