Enfield Mark 1 No. 3 rifle- .303 British- sporterized


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Out of stock

Here is an interesting rifle. This is an Enfield Mark 1, Number 3 SMLE rifle manufactured by British Small Arms (BSA) with a nice sporter stock installed. It has a full butt stock nicely finished with attractive walnut grain. The resulting length of pull is 14 inches. Sling swivel studs are installed, and a simple leather sling can be included. Someone has carved an ā€œSā€ into the cheekpiece, but there is enough wood in the cheekpiece to allow this to be sanded out and still leave plenty of area. Other than this defect, the wood rates a solid 80%.

The bore is pitted somewhat, but it does shoot accurately still. The bluing rates about 65% with purpling and light browning evident in spots. The photos tell the story. The magazine holds 10 rounds of .303 British, easily available at your local sporting goods store.

For an inexpensive hunting rifle or truck gun, it would hard to go wrong with this piece of history.

The rifle has been disassembled, cleaned, and lubricated with light gun oil. The bore has been cleaned of powder and copper fouling to enable the borescope inspection we give all our rifles. The rifle has been function checked and re-assembled with the proper torque of the guard screws.

Borescope photos of throat available upon request. Complete borescope report with photos available for $85, with or without sale.

3 day inspection period with full refund minus shipping.

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