Golden Tiger 7.62×39 Centerfire Rifle Ammunition – 124 gr FMJ


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Out of stock

This 7.62x39mm ammo by Golden Tiger is a quality product ideally suited for AK-47’s and SKS’s. This ammo is steel cased and non-corrosive. To aid in feeding Golden Tiger applies a lacquer coating to the berdan-primed steel case which is then loaded with a 124 grain bi-metal full metal jacket boat tail bullet. This ammo with its steel case and bi-metal jacket is built for use in rugged AK’s and the materials, like most Russian ammo, are chosen to cut costs out of the product with steel being much cheaper than copper.

Note that bi-metal jackets contain steel that is then copper washed to mitigate barrel wear but this ammo will attract a magnet so check with your ranges to ensure that they don’t have any restrictions against ammo that will attract a magnet. Golden Tiger ammo is manufactured at the Vympel facility in Russia.

Comes in boxes of 20. Multiply pricing x 50 for case quantities of 1000 rounds.

These items can only be shipped via specific Ground shipping methods. These are smaller quantities of Hazardous material and have many of the same restrictions.

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