Gun Show Loophole

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When in the larvae stage, Gun Show Loopholes can be used for a variety of chores around the home, ranch, and community. Before they become loops, the fledgling ropes can be purchased at stores nationwide with no background check or I.D.  Once the rope is twisted or turned, you can see by looking at the photo that the little ropes have now grown up into young loops. These young loops then leave their mother and head out on their own in search of gun shows to attend each weekend. Once they spot a gun show in progress, they sneak through a back entrance and find a table full of those evil guns. The loopholes have now become Gun Show Loopholes, capable of many nasty things. They can even develop the skills, if they hang around the shows enough, to enable freedom loving Americans to buy a gun from another freedom loving American (Gasp!) In states where liberalism is a threat to freedom, these Gun Show Loopholes end up causing much angst to the liberals and news crews who search them out.











If you are not smiling by now, you are no doubt unable to understand real humor. Congratulations- you might be a liberal!

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1 review for Gun Show Loophole

  1. Mark

    I bought my little loopholes when they had barely left their mother. They were struggling to find a home, so I brought them home. I load them into the car and take them to gun shows with me. When we arrive, they are excited to cause some liberal tears and hysteria. I have to remind them to behave or else we might leave early. I recommend you buy a few Loopholes too!

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