Walther P38 Semi-Auto Pistol- 9mm


This P-38 is of newer manufacture (07/1958), but it still carries a bit of uniqueness; notice the numbers on the LH grip panel. Those are German “1” numerals, or 11. German’s accentuate the downward slash when writing a 1, almost to the point of making them appear as “/l”. This probably indicates that this pistol rode in the holster of a West German Polizei Officer, then later rode with perhaps a Stadt or Kripo (detective equivalent) officer.
The P-38’s operation and ergonomics has ended up as the pattern for almost all major post-war “Wondernines”, including the Beretta 92 series that became the M9 service pistol of the United States armed forces.
This pistol has been inspected, function checked, and test fired. It is ready to add to your collection or become a favorite shooter. Imported by Century Arms International.

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