Weatherby Mark V ULW Bolt Action Rifle- 7mm Weatherby Magnum


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Out of stock

This nice pre- owned Weatherby Mark V ULW in 7mm Weatherby Magnum could be your perfect big game rifle. Light and well built, coming in at 6 lbs., the Ultra Lightweight is made in the USA to demanding specifications. The rifle comes up to the eye with a balance known only to fine shotguns, the synthetic stock with spider web design combines strength and light weight while cradling the barreled action.

The 7mm Weatherby cartridge easily beats the 7mm Rem Mag by 100 to 200 fps with the same amount of recoil, action length and relatively long barrel life. It equals the velocities of the big barrel burning and belching 7 RUM and is much more pleasant to shoot. The 7 mm Weatherby Magnum can drive 175 gr. Nosler Partitions 3000 fps. That is .300 Win. Mag. power with less powder and less recoil! Take a closer look at the 7 mm Weatherby, you won’t be disappointed.

This particular rifle is in 97% condition- the stock is flawless, and the bluing is in great shape with two exceptions- the bolt knob has thinning blue, and the receiver rings have a slight amount of faded blue where the scope bases were installed- once you mount a scope it’s something that will be covered up. The rifling and throat is sharp on this rifle. A bore scope report can be ordered for $85 which will detail the interior of the chamber, throat, and barrel. The recoil pad is still in good shape, with no deformation or melting like you see with a Remington.
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